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N98: Nokia’s next flagship revealed?

With the iPhone HD/4G looming in the horizon, other manufacturers are now working double time to come out with a formidable challenger.

In the Nokia camp, we thought that the awesome photographic and video recording prowess of the N8 would be able to hold its own with Apple’s upcoming wonder phone. Maybe we thought wrong…

It turns out, Nokia has another card up its sleeve, this time in the form of a kick-flip slider that wears a simillarly shaped suit as the N8.

It’s still early days to tell whether this is just a concept or if it was an earlier proposal for the N8. But then again, an N8 with a full hardware QWERTY keyboard looks llike apretty good proposition to us. Whatever it is, we can’t really be sure but what we know is this. Come June, things are going to get very interesting indeed.