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iPad 3G+WiFi get’s ripped apart

We’re still waiting for the WiFi version to make it over to our shores and already the boys at ifixit are going through the innards of the just released iPad 3G+WiFi.

As always, its beautiful done and in great detail. There are some comparison with the internals of the iPad WiFi as well. If you have one of those, you might want to take a look at this teardown.

If you don’t have an iPad…well this teardown article still makes for a very interesting read.

Interestingly, ifixit notes that the Micro-SIM that’s required in the iPad (and also the upcoming iPhone HD/4G) may look simillar but the contacts points might be different.

We’re inclined to think otherwise. Though we haven’t tried it for ourselves, we think there’s a pretty strong chance that a Micro-SIM is just a smaller SIM card and you could cut up a standard-sized SIM card to fit into a Micro-SIM slot. In fact, it’s been done before.

Head on over to ifixit’s site via the link.