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Dropping a pretty penny on your next mobile phone? Make sure you get it from a reputable dealer

Taken from TheStar Online.

The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association (Fomca) warned consumers to be careful when buying sophisticated mobile phones as there was an increasing number of complaints that the warranty on the products were not being honoured by agents.

Its secretary-general, Muhammad Shaani Abdullah said Sunday that in the first five months of this year Fomca had received 124 complaints from consumers who were unable to get their sets repaired through the agents although the units were still under warranty.

“This is a worrying trend and consumers should be wary when purchasing such sets,” he told Bernama.

He said such a situation arose because manufacturers were unconcerned about who was selling their products as long as sales increased.

“In such a situation, many unauthorised dealers sell genuine sets cheaper because they did not have to honour the warranty,” he said.

Muhammad Shaani called on mobile manufacturers to be more ethical and deal only with authorised dealers to safeguard the interest of consumers.

Consumers should also deal only with authorised agents, he said.

Our take: Don’t be “penny wise, pound foolish” guys if you’re plonking over RM2k on a mobile phone what’s a few hundred more to make sure you have it covered with warranty. It just makes sense.

There’s just too many scrupulous mobile phone dealers out there who are experts at taking your money away from you. Best to do your research before hand and make sure you browse before you buy.

You’ve been warned.