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Awesome infographic: The Gizmodo iPhone Saga

What’s the truth behind the whole Gizmodo-iPhone HD/4G thing?

Every fact revealed about this whole lost iPhone story leads to another, and then there’s one that refutes the first fact and then another that proves the first one true but negates the latter two, and so on. The legality of the case is in the murkiest of water, to the point where you can almost choose your own conclusion based on what’s known–and not come out any less accurate than someone with the opposite conclusion.

At the rate things are going, we wouldn’t be surprised if no one ever finds out the truth – perhaps its so big that we can’t handle the truth. But whatever it is, we’ll let the controversy run its course and hope that when all is unveiled come June 7, we’ll also find out the truth.

But in the meantime, checkout this awesome infographic/flowchart that presents the full story, as it’s currently known.

Head on over to after the jump for the bigger picture.

If you have the time and have been living under a rock for the past week, hit the link and readup the full Gizmodo-iPhone HD/4G sage from start to eventual finish.