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iPhone vs. iPad: 20-app mega-comparo

Critics are saying that the iPad is just a bigger version of the iPhone (having had a very brief encounter with the former, we difnitely don’t think so). Based on that, people are now asking the question on whether simillar apps on the iPad are just mere larger versions of their iPhone counterparts.

Are the usability experiences of these app simillar on both devices or does having a bigger screen makes for a dramatically different user experience? Most importantly, is the hike in iPad app price (compared to the same app for the iPhone) justified?

cnet did a 20-app showdown to give a very precise idea of how much user experience will improve (or otherwise) because of the bigger screen real estate available on the iPad.

Apps in the test include Evernote, Tweetdeck, Google, Twitrerriffic, eBay and WordPress. The final result is a mix bag with some apps being better and some being worse but it definitely makes for an interesting read.

Hit the link to checkout the full article.

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