Coming up: D-Link DIR-457 Review

Posted:  May 1, 2010   By:    11 comments   

We’ve just gotten ourselves the D-Link DIR-457 pocket 3G router.

While the review is underway, is there anything you’d like to know about the device?

Let us know in the comment section.

Update: Review is up! Read all about it here.

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11 Comments for Coming up: D-Link DIR-457 Review

Red Tang

Can i use any mobile sim card to activate? is it compatible to use with a slingbox?


I have a problem with this device. I just bought it 2 days ago to use it as a 3G modem. I have a HOTLINK card with prepaid mobile internet (I buy bi weekly plans). So my aim is to use my ipod touch and etc when there's no hotspot. When I check the status on the connection manager of the device it says it is on Maxis EDGE, so it is not 3G. My card is 3G enabled. All the settings are right, APN=unet, username:maxis, password=wap, dial *99#. Can any one help me because connection speed is ridiculously low. I tried the device with a daily broadband plan it did not work.


    We've tried U Mobile, Maxis and DiGi SIMs in our review 457 and it works fine. Can you double confirm that you've activated 3G on your prepaid card?

    During our trial, we didn't have to setup the 457, it did everything for us. All we had to do was jsut switch it on.

Mahendra Wardhana

Does it charge when connected to 3G and how long does the battery last?


    Yes, you can charge and use at the same time. For more details. Stay tune for our review coming up real soon!


i wanna buy.. where can i get this ? can I use it in indonesia ? thx


Please advise if this gadget works for Singapore SingTel, Starhub mobile/3G broadband SIM card. Any known issues so far?


    Tried it with SingTel, works fine. Although the auto-config didn't work. So you'll have to go into the settings and set it up. Not really an issue for us. Bottom line it works.


I have a problem with the divice also, when it is connected in modem, it is perfect, as soon as i go for the router and wifi, the network shows on my IPAD full all the switch are blue , but it can't connect to the web !!! . i think my configuration was done properly, by entering in the 192.168, etc…..actually i set it up with the wizard and not manually. I do not understand.If somebody can help, will be great


Does this device works if I use it in US using US local ISP 3G?


can i use this device with the usb modem mts mblaze 3.1mbps.