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Skyfire 2.0 Web Browser for Android

Skyfire an alternative browser that was once popular for having built-in browser flash support for Windows Mobile is now available for the Android.

This is their first release for the Android platform and it joins Opera Mini and Fennec as a competitive choice for Android alternative web browsers.

More first screen shots and first impression after the jump.

Although it doesn’t really supports Flash on the Android, it is interesting to note that Skyfire has a server side Flash Video conversion. This is similar with how Opera Mini works but instead, it converts Flash videos into mobile friendly version which can be played on Skyfire itself.

We tried to use it to play an embed YouTube video on our blog post but Skyfire refuse to detect it as a video. However when we tried to visit youtube, Skyfire’s video conversion is visible. The conversion was fairly quick and we’re amazed with its built-in player. It is so much better than the HTC Legend’s Youtube player which is actually HTC’s Flash video player.

Web browsing wise, we love the ease of switching mobile/desktop modes which is a tap away on the toolbar. The bottom bar which is toggled from the MENU button allows you to explore pages of similar topic and the ability to share the page over social links.

We’re happy to note that SkyFire does support multiple browser tabs although switching among them isn’t as convenient as Opera Mini or Fennec.

At time of this post, Skyfire returns no result in the Android Market. To download, head on to and download directly from the page.

From our first impression, this gives some serious challenge to the dominating Opera Mini. This could be possibly be our favorite browser on Android.

Skyfire is also available for Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian S60 phones. It is also rumoured that an iPhone version might be in the works as well. If that happens, that would partially solve Flash video playback on the iPhone.

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