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Maxis offering the largest selection of Android phones in Malaysia

It turns out Maxis hearts Android more than DiGi.

Just announced via twitter, Maxis will be offering the country’s largest selection of Android phones ever.

Phones on offer include the HTC Legend (checkout our extensive review here), Motorola Milestone, SonyEricsson Xperia X10, Samsung Galaxy and LG GW620.

Sadly, the heavy hitters of the Android league is not here. Would be awesome if Maxis had included the Nexus One and the HTC Desire in the mix. Maybe later, we presume.

Maxis are offering subsudised pricing for the devices as well, with the entry level Galaxy going for a very attractive RM799 when you sign up for a 12 months data contract.

We’ll look into the details a little later but for now head on over to after the jump for the subsidised pricing of all the Android phones Maxis has to offer.

The phones will be available from Maxis starting Labour Day, May 1st.

Head on over the Maxis’ Android site for more details.

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