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If an attractive girl with a Blackberry flirts with you, she might be selling something

Imagine, you’re walking down the street and out of nowhere this attractive girl walks up to you and starts talking to you. She then passes her Blackberry to you and asks you to take a couple of pictures with her. After that, she asks you to key in your phone number into her Blackberry and says that she might call you for drinks sometime.

Chances are, she’s probably not going to call you at all. Why? Because she’s probably being paid to flirt with you and she just wanted you to try out the new Blackberry.

Its all a part of a crafty yet ethically dubious promotional trick called stealth marketing that Blackberry is currently employing to create interest and awareness for its latest Pearl 3G smartphone.

This is all happening in the US and there are two camps on the ethics of stealh marketing, be it good or bad, it’s something that might catch on here in Malaysia.

We like the concept. It’s definitely going to get attention and there’s nothing wrong that. What about you?

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