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Have you seen this? Blackberry Pearl 3G and Blackerry Bold 9650 promo videos

We’ve got to admit, we’re really liking the new direction RIM is taking with its new line of Blackberry devices. The new touch-friendly Blackberry 6 OS looks good too.

Things are indeed looking very interesting at Blackberry and if it continues to shed the powersuit persona for a more approachable shirt, jeans and sneakers look, we can’t help but predict that more and more people outside of its typical marksegment will find Blackberry’s offerings very appealing indeed.

To whet your appetite and to see what we’re on about, check out the promo videos of the just announced Blackberry Pearl 3G and Blackberry Bold 9650.

Check out the video after the jump.

Blackberry Pearl 3G Promo Video

Blackberry Bold 9650 Promo Video