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OMG sample pictures and videos from the Nokia N8 posted – and they are awesome!

We’re getting excited with what we’re seeing here and we think you will be too.

Nokia’s official blog has just released the first sample videos and pictures takend from the N8 – and do they look awesome!

Frankly speaking, we’re blown out of the water with what the N8 has produced. It definitely substantiates Nokia’s claim that the N8 will kick the ass of many dedicated digital cameras out there. It is indeed much better than anything we’ve seen on a handphone by far!

Nokia says that the videos and picture are original from the phone and untouched.

Check out the HD video demo after the jump. It will blow your mind, seriously.

(update 1947hrs 28042010) We’re not sure what the dude in the video is up to though.

Nokia N8 first HD video sample from Nokia Conversations on Vimeo.

Head on over to the Nokia Conversations blog to view the sample pictures taken from the N8. Get ready to be amazed!