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Mozilla Fennec available for Android download

Fennec, Mozilla’s attempt to bring “Firefox” to mobile is now available for the Android as an pre-Alpha release download.

This gives Android a fresh choice of web browsers in addition to Opera Mini.

More screenshots and how to download after the jump.

Loading it the first time, we’re not impressed but we can see some room to improve for the Fennec. Moving around feels extremely sluggish too.

The tabs on the left swipe and settings on the right does give you easier access compared to others but that is not enough to win our hearts over. Not to mentioned that it does crash on us a couple of times during our first 5 minute test.

In the settings, we are greeted by this extremely large font page which is quite an overkill. However we also discover that the Fennec does support Add-ons such as TwitterBar and YouTube Enabler which allows 3rd party extensions to compliment your regular browsing.

At this Alpha stage, Mozilla has a lot of things to fix up before it is really recommended for daily use. However you can go ahead to try it out to have a glimpse of what Fennec has to offer.

To download, enter the following on your Android Browser: