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Coming third quarter 2010: Blackberry OS 6

At the WES 2010, RIM’s co-CEO Mike Lazaridis has just announced that the company’s latest OS – dubbed the Blackberry OS 6 – will be available “in the next calendar quarter,” .

We’ve mentioned earlier that the new OS design appears to be touchscreen friendly and it seems that Engadget can, to some degree, confirm this. When asked whether the new OS will be available on touchscreen devices only, RIM’s answer is that the new OS will be available for both touch and non-touch devices, though.

Answering another question on whether existing Blackberry devices can be upgraded to run on the new OS, Lazaridis indicated that RIM has intentions to make the devices in its portfolio eventually run 6, but not everything in the market today will necessarily be upgradeable — he says that they’ll “do [their] best,” but he’s not making any guarantees.