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We found this viral website masking itself as a blog that is championing the cause against – of all things – cheap Internet.

The People Against Cheap Internet Konection or PACIK for short, is apparently an organisation that believes the Internet is evil because it causes Internet addiction. The founder and chairman of PACIK claims that the inspiration for the movement came after a close friend lost his arm from too much Internet.


If you believe in the cause, you can join PACIK fight against cheap Internet and Internet addiction.

It all sounds a bit too far-fetched to be true and most probably everything on the site/blog is fictional.

What we’re interested in is who made this site/blog and for what reason.

We’ll have to go through the blog with a fine-toothed comb these few days but from our early readings, it most probably looks like the work of DiGi. Frisking through the tag cloud we only see one telco – DiGi along with the yellow man are in there.

Why do we say that this blog is the work of DiGi?

DiGi’s official Twitter handle @DiGi_Telco has also been mentioned a couple of times, curiously the telco have yet to reply to the blogger. We find this a bit strange because, if we know @DiGi_Telco, they would have responded to @thepacik.

DiGi’s outdoor advertising have also been referenced numerous times in the pictures and videos available on the blog, and this to us, is the most compelling evidence linking this viral blog to DiGi. The reason we’re saying this because, it is fairly obvious that the blog is created by a corporation.

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Why only attack DiGi, what about the other telco who offer mobile broadband?

On top of that, with pages like “spread the word”, “join our facebook fanpage” and member drives it’s almost undeniable that this blog is inherently designed to be viral. Like it had a bigger marketing/branding role to play. Besides, who in their right mind would want to rally against cheap Internet? Almost everyone we asked thought that to be rediculous. Malaysians of all people, love cheap stuff, especially the Internet.

In fact DiGi is known to create websites to serve as some kind of marketing and promotional tool. Anyone recall “the truth about broadband” website?

In anycase, if indeed they are Malaysian’s out there who are totally against cheap Internet “konection”, then they are definitely willing to go to great lengths to prove a point, which for all intents and purposes is rather moot in our oppinion.

We’ve said it earlier, people want cheap Internet.

So we’ll be sticking to our theory, DiGi has a hand in all this.

What do you think?

In the meantime, we’ll be keeping a close eye on you PACIK.

From the people who are against the people against cheap internet konection.