Awesome!: iPad makes for a really cool DJ setup

Whatever it is, you can’t deny that the iPad is a pretty awesome device.

And one geeky DJ has just bumped up the awesome factor of the iPad by 100. She hooked up two iPads into a DJ mixer and churning sweet thumping beats out of them. The DJ in question – Rana Sobhany – could also very well be the World’s first iPad DJ.

If you want to make a DJ rig just like Rana’s, here’s the lowdown.

No computers or synthesizers were used in this setup. A DJ mixer is connected to the iPads via a standard mini-jack and the mixer is connected to an amp and you’re done. It’s a simple and easy-to-use setup. All in, she reckons the setup cost less than US$1300.

All the apps that she’s running is listed on her project blog – Destroy the Silence – here.

The Destroy the Silence blog is her experiment in revolutionizing the way music is being created using the iPad without the need to use laptops or synthesizers.

Also interesting to note, she didn’t hack either iPads and all the apps are off the shelf stuff you can get in Apple’s App Store.

Check out the video of the setup and some demo play after the jump.

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