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Blackberry OS 6.0 revealed

Blackberry faithfuls out there, rejoice! RIM has just given you guys a whift of what’s coming in the latest Blackberry OS.

The updates provided by the new OS looks extensive, with a new homescreen that appears to be more touchscreen friendly that previous OS including the one on the Blackberry Storm. The Blackberry OS 6.0 homescreen functions very simillar to how the iPhone homescreen works where you can add pages and flick through them left and right.

The new OS also includes a new browser that allows for fast tab switching, full multitouch support across almost all of the native applications with pinch to zoom as well. There’s also and updated media player with a very coverflow looking interface.

You can read the full details here and if you’re waiting, the Blackberry OS 6.0 is expected to be available towards the end of this month at the same time as Blackberry WES event.