The new iPhone uses Micro-SIM, so how?

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The geeks at Gizmodo beat everyone to the punch and revealed what is very likely to be the new iPhone.

We’re speechless and gobsmacked in the awesomeness of the new device but its not all good news; as apparently the new iPhone will require the use of a Micro-SIM, a SIM card format that is currently not supported here in Malaysia.

Could it be that Apple’s move to Micro-SIM is a way to curb grey importers from selling Apple’s mobile devices outside their intended markets.

Well whatever it is, all is not lost, luckily for us, the good people at techradar have posted up a step-by-step guide on how to snip your standard size SIM card to fit into a Micro-SIM slot. We’ll be practicing on this to get ready for when the new iPhone goes on sale.

Point to note: this hack was originally intended for the iPad 3G/WiFi, so if you’re planning to get one of those, this works too.

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2 Comments for The new iPhone uses Micro-SIM, so how?

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