The new DG Smart Plan hearts Android!

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We quipped earlier that Malaysian telcos are not giving enough TLC to Android devices. Celcom does have a Celcom Exec plan that offers a subsidised HTC Magic but its not promoted in a big way.

DiGi‘s stepped up to the plate offering a subsidised Android based phone at a very attractive price with its latest DG Smart Plan.

The Android based phone in question is the just launched HTC Legend and our early analysis of DiGi’s plan looks like the Legend is most likely Malaysia’s cheapest newest Android device.

Funky new commercials aside, we’ll put DiGi’s latest plan under the microscope to see if it really does offer great value for your money. Do check back for updates.

Update: We’ve taken a close look at DG Smart Plan, find out more about it.

Update 2: We’ve just unboxed a HTC Legend. Read about it here.

In the meantime, check out the HTC Legend product video after the jump.

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14 Comments for The new DG Smart Plan hearts Android!


I've just picked up a Digi Smart Plan HTC Legend from Digi Center in SS2. Stock just came in this afternoon. I'm the first person to get a HTC Legend from the center, but there were plenty of people there for the iPhone.



    We're trying to get a hold of one ourselves. We think that its the most bang for the buck Android device in the market today.

    How's your experience with it so far?


      It's a nice phone. Does more than my old P1i. Have to get use to the virtual keyboard. Not very good at typing on it yet. I really liked the rocker keyboard of my P1i. I was considering to get Motorola Milestone initially because I wanted a physical keyboard. The RM999 price for the Legend changed my mind.

      I've downloaded a few free apps and games from the Android Market. It was so easy to download and install apps. I download the Youversion Bible, Aldiko (ebook reader), Google Goggles, Abduction and Sudoku.


        Milestone and the Legend have roughly the same specs. The unibody consturction of the Legend is stylish as well as strong, we really like that. We're looking an Android device too and was looking at the Milestone, but the Legend is so much nicer.

        Yeap moving from a physical to a virtual keyboard does need some getting se too. We had to re-learn how to type with our iPhones after using keypads and multitaping for so long, but now that we've gotten the hang on it. Really so much faster.

        For cool party tricks we recommend you download this:


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I’m using the HTC legend and typing SMS using Handcent SMS has really made it easy for me to write SMS and holding the phone all in one hand! I’m using the T9 keypad which I’m used to – from my early days of using Nokia phones. I’m really loving my HTC Legend.

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