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The new DG Smart Plan hearts Android!

We quipped earlier that Malaysian telcos are not giving enough TLC to Android devices. Celcom does have a Celcom Exec plan that offers a subsidised HTC Magic but its not promoted in a big way.

DiGi‘s stepped up to the plate offering a subsidised Android based phone at a very attractive price with its latest DG Smart Plan.

The Android based phone in question is the just launched HTC Legend and our early analysis of DiGi’s plan looks like the Legend is most likely Malaysia’s cheapest newest Android device.

Funky new commercials aside, we’ll put DiGi’s latest plan under the microscope to see if it really does offer great value for your money. Do check back for updates.

Update: We’ve taken a close look at DG Smart Plan, find out more about it.

Update 2: We’ve just unboxed a HTC Legend. Read about it here.

In the meantime, check out the HTC Legend product video after the jump.