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With Vers cases, technology and nature can become one

So you’ve already gotten your iPad. Maybe pimping it up with a new paint job is not your thing.

Maybe you’re more the eco-warrior kind of techie, the one who believes that technology and nature can indeed become one. Well, there’s a case that advertises your nature loving ways loud and clear.

We give you the Vers cases for the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Each case is hand-crafted in either your choice of bamboo or solid hardwood and covers the entire rear, sides, and bezel of you Apple device complete with all the necessary openings for the dock connector, volume controls and speakers. It also features a soft inner lining along with various styles and shades to choose from.

We simply can’t ask for anything more. Or maybe we can.

How about matching a wooden or bamboo docking sound system your iPhone and iPod? Well, Vers make those too.