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Pimp up your iPad with custom colours

The problem with the iPad is…you can have it in any colour you like so long as it’s brushed aluminium. Soon, everyone is going to have one and you’d want to be able to stand out from the pad crowd.

The people at ColorWare have just the thing for you. Starting from US$410 you can pimp up your iPad to virtually any colour and finish you like. You can customise the aluminium backplate, the Apple logo colour and event the colour of the home button of your iPad to your fancy. There are even two types of finish to choose from – soft touch or gloss.

Considering a 16GB iPad cost US$499, paying close to its retail price just to have it painted is a tad bit
extravagant if you ask us.

Anyways…how do you like our Lotus Racing F1 inspired iPad? We think, Tony Fernandes would be so proud holding one at his team’s paddock.

Don’t have an iPad but still have the urge to pimp? From gaming consoles to mobile phones, ColorWare can custom colour loads of other gadgets too.

Check out the short promo video after the jump.