Moto Droid now available in Malaysia. Changes name to Milestone

Before the Nexus One, the Moto Droid was Android’s shining beacon.

Together with Verizon, the Droid Does PR blitz created such a buzz that even Jobs would be proud of. The Droid Does campaign positioned the Moto Droid as the phone that would do battle with the mighty iPhone and bring it to its knees.

Well, we all know it didn’t quite turn out that way. The iPhone is still the phone to beat and the Moto Droid now has to contend with a stablemate of sorts in the form of the Nexus One.

Nevertheless, The Droid is still a worthy smartphone by its own right.

We’ve complained about Android devices are slim pickings here in Malaysia, well not anymore. Android fans in Malaysia can now get their geeky hands on the Moto Droid aka Motorola Milestone for around RM2,300 from Motorola Malaysia.

With a 550MHz, its not going to be as silky smooth as the iPhone but with free turn-by-turn navigation support with Google Maps, multitasking support and a 5MP camera, it has its strengths.

For more details on the Milestone hit up the LINK to go to Motorola Malaysia’s official site but before that, check out this awesome comparison chart pitting the Droid aka Milestone against the 3G S, Nexus One and Palm Pre.