Where is the (Android) love?

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Now we have two telcos offering the iPhone, we have all the major telcos carrying Blackberry, yet not much of a whisper as to who and when will the official Android phone arrive in the country.

We’re talking about the Nexus One.

The Blackberry is a great business machine but it doesn’t like social media and doesn’t do video too well. Come to think of it, the Blackberry doesn’t do anytihng other than messaging and email well, but to quite a number of people out there, it has its uses.

The iPhone is a great phone with awesome multimedia and social media capbilities but we hate it. Don’t get us wrong, its not the phone’s fault – its awesome – it’s just that everyone has one and that’s kind of lame.

Where’s the Android love people? We would love to get our hands on one. We’ve had a brief encounter with the device and we admit, the UI is not as polished as the iPhone but it has a place in our hearts. And we’d love to have the choice to get one officially here.

What would you get? Nexus One, iPhone or Blackberry?

Here’s hoping the telco gods are listening to our prayers.

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2 Comments for Where is the (Android) love?

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