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Maxis sponsors Lotus Racing complete with full iPhone app

Maxis is kicking off its Lotus Racing sponsorship with an online promo. Previously, Maxis CEO Sandip Das has said that Maxis is committed to bring F1 updates to mobile users and they’re doing just that with a suite of content services.

Maxis will serve exclusive Lotus Racing content via its MyLaunchPad website which gives fans up to date information on Lotus Racing’s news and updates.

Coming soon is the Lotus Racing iPhone app which keeps you updated with live feeds, commentaries, team standings and almost everything you want to know about the team. Also coming soon to the Maxis website is collection of exclusive Lotus Racing videos.

No sponsorship would be complete without some sort of contests. So, as official sponsors, Maxis will be running a couple of contests and exclusive SMS update services as well. Get everything you need to know at the Maxis Lotus Racing promo page HERE.

What we’d like to see is some exclusive discounts for Maxis customers on official Lotus Racing merchandise. That would be awesome.