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Update: TM UniFi’s Monthly usage is capped on daily basis.

There have been various debates on Download Caps after the release of TM UniFi’s High Speed Broadband Plans. Many have argued that High Speed broadband is pointless if TM caps on one’s download capabilities.

TM UniFi’s lowest entry VIP5 of 5Mbps comes with 60GB maximum download bandwidth per month while its higher VIP10 comes with 90GB and highest VIP20 with 120GB. No download cap applies for the more expensive business/commercial packages.

TM reaction to complaints

With lots of people raging online about TM’s unfair practice and some users even calling for boycott against UniFi, TM immediately announced on their twitter the following:

NO volume cap 4 all #unifi packages 4 now.Decision due to public feedback.TMwill only monitor usage pattern 4 time being

Many people immediately rejoiced citing the voice of twitter have won over giant ISP. The fact of the matter is, this announcement is nothing new to us. It has been known that UniFi subscribers will not have their usage capped until at least June this year as mentioned in our previous post.

To further add on to TM’s official press announcement this afternoon, they also have stressed that it does still reserve the right to enforce a download limit to ensure all UniFi subscribers receive equal service quality. Besides, TM UniFi still maintains the limited monthly Download Usage on their price plans and there are no signs to imply that it is Unlimited Usage.

So come June or when their network starts to face congestion, TM can exercise their right to reduce customers speed in the name of Fair Usage Policy.

Internet Capping on other Broadbands

Internet Capping is certainly not new. 3G Broadbands have them averaging at 3GBs per month. Even P1 WiMAX caps their home packages to 20GB a month for its 1.2Mbps plan.

These ensure users get the best speed possible on their network until they use up their allocated bandwidth which is later prioritized down or throttled to slower speed. The best speed of course is subjected to network factors as well such as site congestion.

How does TM cap users?

According to TM, they will monitor the pattern of usage and have yet to finalise their FUP (Fair Usage Policy) techniques. We find this hard to believe as TM has been in the broadband industry for the longest time and they have been well known for throttling and shape Streamyx customers speed, particularly P2P.

Mind you that Streamyx is UNLIMITED but just take a look at the number of complaints of being throttled or speed capping. Assuming if TM decides to allow UniFi to be offered as Unlimited, TM’s High Speed Broadband would probably end up as another Streamyx service at a premium price.

Which would you rather have? Have more quality Internet speeds within the allocated download usage you paid for or pay for so called Unlimited package but with high possibility of having your speeds throttled for the sake of “all UniFi subscribers receive equal service quality”.

For those who are truly persistent of having Unlimited Downloads, perhaps these users should consider taking the BIZ5 package that has no download limit. We’re not too sure what are the registration requirements but since there’s a demand for high download usage, TM should consider coming out a heavy power user package for home users. However we doubt Malaysians are willing to pay the premium price.

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26 Comments for TM UniFi Download Bandwidth Cap


Well written. One reason streamyx is slow is because of download leechers. Kiasu attitude and self centred.

If there is a buffet, these same people would wallop everything from the long table. The cap helps to keep it fair for all. No one gets more and no one gets less.

    in that

    fuck u la, this is najibs third world country with blackouts and floods, thats why the internet is slow


      mmmm . ok its not like that this is not the reason …
      the reason is people like you came from the street .
      so they had to make it slow so you will und what the fuck you worth


mind you what makes the people rage is because of daily 2gb cap for 5mbps package. a simple hd quality video on youtube could burn all the bandwidth away.


Gary: It was never confirmed and mentioned that TM is capping 2GB per day. In all communication materials, it is mentioned a monthly 60GB download usage for VIP5. As per industry standard of monthly cap, we believe capping by daily basis is unlikely unless TM has proven otherwise.


here’s ur never confirmed info

UNIFI documentation no. 5

monthly maximum download volume is distributed daily evently.


Thanks Gary for pointing this out. We can’t seem to find this on their website. A post coming up soon on this.

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Zala Wajik

so basically, is it worth subscribe to them?


    If you only mind laggy Youtube vids is all then it's worth it, practically speaking. Financially speaking, it's actually too expensive for the guaranteed service. If you're the only Internet user at home you can actually save more with Yes 4G if you know what are you doing.



      If you're a heavy user who download tens of GB daily I suggest you to steer clear from UniFi Residental plan which offers less than they promised (they figured that residental plans don't even need 12 hours 20Mbps). Otherwise you'll be worrying about bandwidth caps every passing day.

Chong Zunhern

can someone help me ? how can i check how many download usage i used ?


mahal tol. baek xyah.. rele ak intrnet lmbab. mmbazir amln syaitan.


i believed they already capped mine….. being slow pace last 3 4 days when downloading

ah chong

If they want to control the bandwidth but we pay for a fixed bandwidth, then it is time that the customers pay according to what bandwidth is allocated to them in a particular month. That means that the subscription amount varies every day.
Then it is fair because we are paying for what bandwidth we are getting instead of the current package i.e. pay the full amount for 20MB speed but get less than 10MB!!!


If the limit per day is reached,can I still surf the internet?


    Theorically speaking, you can open Web page all you want (facebooking, twittering, reading wikis all no problem), but Youtube vids is going to lag. Basically any bandwidth intensive tasks is gonna make your online game lag like hell. Such a stupid cap definitely undermines Malaysia's image, much less the customer value.


They makes their boardband service sounds like fragile glasses that can't even handle a lorry of data, and they expect us to let them hog all our money away? Definitely the lowest customer value I have ever heard in the market.


i get the lowest unifi package.. and it's good..even it's said 60G.. but for a day i download at least 2.4G and it's goes for 4 days in a weeks and that is mean i used at least 38.4 per month .. i played video on youtube like everyday in hd.. surfing internet like 24 hours.. i said the truth when i said like 24 hours because in my house have 3 laptop and 10 user.. and have 2 shift routine.. which is have someone to stayed up weather at day or night. but never experience lag in surfing.. i always get the best service while downloading.. it would give me the fastest speed while downloading which is 500kbps.. and it's better than the most expensive packages in stremyx.. btw the price of the most expensive stremyx package and the cheapest unifi package is the same 🙂 so i would i say.. it's satisfied me.. 🙂


mine was terrific the first 5-6 months, but i noticed a definate slowdown at the middle of this month. Started doing speedtest at various sites, my DL speed is averaging 190kbps – never above 200 but my upload speed is like in the region of 8000 kbps. So now yes, youtube lags ( like streamyx times ) , So i am curious as to whether they have started throttling users who have exceeded the 60gb cap.

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Rahul Satheesh



for vip 5… If im not using internet for a day…. example- one day capped 2GB and a month 60GB… if im not using internet for a day… does i lost the 2GB? help… i hate quota

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