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TM to reduce Streamyx 4Mbps subscription to RM140/month

TM’s official twitter @TMCorp has mentioned that Streamyx’s 4Mbps Combo or better known as Streamyx Blockbuster Deal  subscription will  reduced from RM160 to RM140/month.

At the moment, Streamyx Combo 2Mbps is offered at RM140/month and 4Mbps at RM160/month.

If 4Mbps were to be priced at RM140/month, obviously TM would need to relook into the pricing for the other Streamyx packages as well. TM could either upgrade all existing Streamyx Combo up one level or reduce all monthly subscription by RM20 each.

Seriously if you’re an existing 4Mbps Streamyx customer in a TM UniFi area, we would highly recommend adding additional RM9 to your now reduced RM140/month subscription to enjoy 5Mbps connectivity and extra IPTV content at RM149/month. As mentioned in our official price plan post, those who upgrade will not be charged extra subscription and no download quota capping until June.