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PM announces 6 Broadband Initiatives

During the launch of TM HSBB’s UniFi, Malaysia PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has announced the anticipated broadband goodies. The 6 Broadband Initiatives are:

  • Implementation of Broadband Community Centres in Housing Areas
    RM60 million allocated to provide broadband to 246 areas with total of 615,000 people
  • Set up of People’s Internet Centre  at Information Department branches
    Allow internet access to estimated 400,000 people
  • E-Kiosks at various community centres and Mukim Offices
    costing RM4 million
  • Expansion of Telco’s cellular coverage
    in West Malaysia, 278 in Sabah and 257 in Sarawak
  • RM1 Billion allocated from USP Funds (Universal Service Provision) for notebook purchase for needy students
  • Reduction of Netbook Broadband Package
    from previous RM50/month. Offer in USP areas reduced to RM20/month.

These are part of the National Broadband Initiative that aims to hit 50% Broadband Penetration in Malaysia by 2010.