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P1 WiMAX celebrate first anniversary with free 3 months subscription

P1 WiMAX, Malaysia’s leading WiMAX operator has celebrated its first anniversary recently. Exactly 1 year after launch, P1 has acquired over 80,000 subscribers nationwide. It is remarkable to note that P1 currently has covered most states in peninsular Malaysia with Pahang, Perak & Terengganu recently added in the list. In fact, it is the only WiMAX operator to cover more than than 2 states in Malaysia.

For a company that achieved so much within a year, we would expect the following on their next anniversary:

  • Expanded nationwide coverage including Sabah and Sarawak.
  • WiMAX Voice to open to public and DV-230 modem owners
  • New and better featured WiMAX Modems
  • Easy subscription to WiMAX with built in 2.3GHz WiMAX modem in notebooks

Let’s see what happens one year later.

To celebrate this event, P1 is giving FREE subscription up to 3 months for those who signed up. Details are not clear at this point of time but we believe that it is form of rebate on activation fees.


At the same time, P1 has also organised and sponsored 15Malaysia under P1 Malaysians Film-Makers Showcase. This mega movie event features 15 short clips made by 15 talented Malaysian film makers. The Late Yasmin Ahmad is one of the directors and this could be one of her last works. To watch it, visit