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DiGi covers you when flying on Malaysia Airlines


DiGi subscribers can now stay connected in mid-air thanks to its arrangement with Malaysia Airlines and AeroMobile. You can now make calls, SMS and surf online at selected Malaysia Airlines flight as indicated during cabin flight announcement.

Don’t too excited just yet. The call rates are quite premium with calls within Malaysia being charged at RM15/minute. You would also pay the same RM15/minute rate for receiving calls as well. SMS are charged at RM1/sms for prepaid and 99sen/sms for postpaid. Receiving SMS however is free.

If you plan to go online with your mobile, do surf smartly with images turned off as data is charged at RM100/MB. That is RM1 per 10KB of data.  Mobile Internet however is only applicable for postpaid and DiGi business users only.

DiGi isn’t the only one as Maxis has collaborated with AeroMobile as well. Overall, we see this as a convenient feature and it is good to be able to stay in touch while on mid air. With rates that high, we won’t be seeing passengers chit chatting on flights anytime soon, which is a good thing. Who would stand a loud blabber mouth sitting next to you on a long flight.

More details here. Don’t forget to read the FAQ.