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Maxis release iPhone 3GS Rate Plans, reduces iPhone 3G price


The official price for the iPhone 3GS are out. Maxis retails the iPhone 3GS 16GB at RM2490 and 32GB version at RM2990 . At the same time, the previous iPhone 3G 8GB is now retailed at only  RM1990. It is interesting to note that we don’t see the iPhone 3G 16GB on the list anymore. The pricing difference is just RM500 for every double up of storage space between 8GB vs. 16GB vs. 32GB.

To get it for cheaper, there’s always iValue and iData plans that gives more savings on the iPhone price.

For example on the iValue 1 plan at RM100/month over 24 months contract, the iPhone 3G 8GB goes for RM1190 while the iPhone 3GS 16GB and 32GB is offered at RM1590 and RM1990 respectively.

If you’re already happy with your existing post paid Value Plans, you could add on with iData Plans. For the 3GB iData plan at RM99/month for 24 months contract, the iPhone 3G 8GB also goes for RM1190 and the iPhone 3GS 16GB and 32GB is being sold at RM1690 and RM2190 respectively.

On the iValue Plans, you’ll get a bundle of talk time and monthly data for a fixed price per month. Mind you that the monthly fee is not commitment fee based like the typical postpaid Value Plans.


If you’re currently making a lot of calls and the rates of existing postpaid value plans is still prefered, we would recommend adding on the iData plan instead.


It looks like Maxis is pricing the iPhone 3GS at a better price compared to the iPhone 3G that was launched just several months before. With even the 32GB version being  retailed under RM3000, there isn’t much reasons for anyone to buy from grey importers at lowyat. Even if the iPhone 3GS is beyond your budget reach, the previous generation iPhone 3G is now more affordable as low as RM1190 on the iValue plan.

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We can see the frustrations that the early iPhone 3G users might feel right now as the amount spent on the 8GB version few months before could get them the new iPhone 3GS with 16GB right now. To date, Maxis hasn’t announce any upgrade plans for existing iPhone 3G users to step up to the new 3GS.

With the new pricing, we could expect more people using the iPhone 3GS in the next few months.