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Maxis Broadband Mid Year Sales Promo & SIM only package


Mobile Broadband is getting cheaper these days with more players from both WiMAX and 3G operators. Maxis is throwing a Mid year sales promo for its broadband packages. From what normally costs RM138/month and contracts up to 2 years had been slashed to as low as RM78/month for existing Maxis subscribers with direct debit payment method.

The promo with the USB Huawei E220 Modem basically rebates RM30 off the monthly subscription and also rebates additional RM20 monthly for existing Maxis subscriber as part of its Bolt-on package. To sweeten the deal, those who pay by monthly direct debit will get RM10 off monthly. Thats a total of RM60 off per month which costs Maxis subscribers only RM78/month.

For non-Maxis subscriber, the RM10 off for direct debit only applies for 2nd month onwards. The monthly subscription for non-Maxis subscriber is RM98/month. The contact period for the above promo is for 12 months. Any cancellation before 12 months would require a penalty of RM200 according to the terms. Monthly bandwidth for this package is 3GB per month as usual.

More details here.

Maxis Broadband SIM Only Package (Advanced Lite)

For those who doesn’t need a modem bundling, Maxis has also introduced the SIM Only package which is also called the Advanced Lite package.

With the mid year sales promo, Maxis rebates RM10 off monthly and additional RM10 off if you go for the direct debit service. This calculates as low as RM58/month if you go for all the rebate options. The RM10 off for direct debit however is only for 2nd month onwards too. It indicates no capping for peak speed which we assume is full 3.6Mbps however monthly bandwidth is only a tiny 2GB. RM58/month is one of the cheapest broadband out there, but the monthly bandwidth leaves us wanting more.

More details on the SIM only package here.

This Maxis Broadband mid year promo ends 15th July 2009.