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As predicted, P1 has started its Voice service called WiMAX VOiCE. However this is by special invitation which is sort of a friendly user trial programme.

As an introductory offer, the invited users are given the P30 plan which comes with RM30 worth of talk time at only RM20/month.


The RM20/month fee gives you 150 minutes of calls to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and China which is calculated at 13 sen/ minute. Somehow the numbers don’t add up as 150 minutes of 13 sen/minute calls sum up to RM19.50. Anyway, this makes things more exciting as TM Streamyx Combo Voice add on covers only local domestic calls.  After RM20, all calls are charged at 20 sen/minute.

The device seen above is Greenpacket WA-320 Wireless Access Point with VOIP. From the brochure‘s specification sheet, this does not come with a WiMAX receiver and you would need to plug this to an existing Broadband Modem. It wasn’t mentioned if this can be used with any existing ADSL or 3G Broadband. Considering this is called WiMAX Voice, we would assume that the WA-320 would be act as an add-on to existing DS-300 WiMAX Modems. No details are available if WiMAX Voice is available for the new DV-230 modem.

Currently the site is not live for public viewing yet as other pages are not working. It is highly likely that this will be open to public after the special invited ones had subscribed.

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