New iPhone iData & Prepaid Plans from Maxis

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Update: iData Plan could be added onto your existing Value Plus Plans!


New iData plans from Maxis for iPhone.

Just commit RM99 for 3GB data cap per month and the iPhone is yours for as low as RM1700 (24-months contract, 8GB).

The Maxis iData plan is just for data only. However, we’ve confirmed with Maxis that it is possible to add this on to your existing Value Plus Plans. This ultimately replace the previous 6 months Value Plus Plan for iPhone 3G. 


This is great as previously those who wish to keep their Value Plus Plans are forced to buy the iPhone 3G 8GB for RM2540 over 6 months. With this, customers now have a longer contract which also makes the iPhone 3G more affordable.

If you’re an existing Value Plus plan with add-on RM99 unlimited data (but hardly use up to 3GB), this is the plan for you. 

More on Maxis iData HERE.

Another new addition is the Prepaid Plan for Hotlink customers. 


The price of RM2540 for the 8GB and RM2960 for the 16GB version is similar to the previous Value Plus iPhone package for 6 months contract. However, those who opt for this plan would get 12 months of 500MB data.  

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5 Comments for New iPhone iData & Prepaid Plans from Maxis


Based on current situation(0.5sen/KB off peak),
500MB actually cost RM2,500!
So basically, the iPhone is a free phone for those Prepaid users….unless there are still some terms and conditions..?


Can just sign up for idata only or still need attach with voice plan?


@ryan – The plan is originally meant for data only which can be used without any voice/sms capabilities. However this can also be bolted on with existing Value Plans. So either way is possible.

Maxis adds more iData plans for iPhone, iPhone 3G S coming this month? | SoyaCincau

[…] firstly introduced, it came only with a single RM99 plan for 3GB of data. If 3GB is too much, they also offer 2 […]


me so happy to see soon i get the iPhone iData……