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REDtone WiMAX Broadband Plans


REDtone is one of the 4 WiMAX licensed operators in Malaysia. While P1, AMAX & YTL focuses in West Malaysia, REDtone is focused in East Malaysia.

August last year, they have officially launched in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah but they have yet to made any commercial availability to the market.

As reported earlier, they began to focus in Kuching, Sarawak. Now they have started to push their WiMAX aggressively with 5 WiMAX Plans from as low as RM138/month.

REDtone Broadband Plans


Its entry plan is Basic from RM138/month with 1Mbps downlink / 384kbps uplink. As expected, this Basic plan comes with dynamic IP which is normal for any home user. 

The next 2 plans are BIZLite which is targetted towards the business segment with 1Mbps and 2Mbps with Fixed IP. The 1Mbps is similiar too with 1Mbps downlink and 384kbps uplink costs RM250/month. While the 2Mbps option with 2Mbps downlink and 768kbps uplink costs RM480/month.

For those who require higher Uplink speeds especially those who plan to host servers or upload often, there’s BIZPro that offers the same uplink and downlink speeds. 1Mbps downlink/uplink is offered at RM588/month with 2Mbps downlink/uplink is at a huge RM1088/month. BIZPro comes with 5 Fixed IPs

REDtone Broadband bundles the plan with the Motorola CPEi 300 WiMAX Modem which comes with VOIP capabilities.



Voice over IP service using 015 (V.O.I.P.)

In addition to broadband service, REDtone is also offering V.O.I.P. as an option too. Details of its voice call is unclear at the moment and it could be limited to corporate client sonly.



Our thoughts

REDtone has finally made its WiMAX Broadband plans public and this reassures their commitment in rolling out WiMAX. However we are disappointed that the plans aren’t that great and its coverage is still very minimal. From what we heard, REDtone in Sarawak covers a limited number of areas including Tabuan Jaya and Tabuan Desa.

Its basic plan of 1Mbps is similar to Streamyx in terms of speed however price is more expensive even if you add phone line rental.  It could be REDtone is pretty confident that consumers over there would be willing to pay RM138/month as its closer competition, Streamyx has been deteriorating badly these days. For this launch promotion, they are giving 14 days money back guarantee to tempt potential users to try them out to see the difference.  

Will REDtone succeed? It may have a chance considering there isn’t any other WiMAX operators in Sabah/Sarawak at the moment. However if they wish to capture more customers, they should increase their expenditure in expanding WiMAX coverage. 

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