U Mobile’s U Buddy service charges RM10 for Free Calls

Posted:  May 2, 2009   By:    2 comments   


Yes, you read that right. U Mobile now offers  U Buddy service at RM10/month to make free calls to all U Mobile numbers. As what FreshGear has written, this isn’t free anymore as postpaid users have to pay extra for it.

Previously, U Mobile offered a time limited promotion to its postpaid customers to make free calls on U Mobile network. Some genius up there tried to spin the promotion around by creating a gimmick by charging and yet calling it free. Instead, they should have called it Unlimited Calls within U Mobile instead of misusing the FREE word. 

To top it off, even the name U Buddy Service sounds weird. Upon hearing this one would think of a bell boy or friend assist. If they ran out of creative juice, they should have name it something as simple as “Unlimited Calls Extra”. 

First they can’t calculate 20% in their online flash game and now this. Somebody should buy them a dictionary and calculator. 

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2 Comments for U Mobile’s U Buddy service charges RM10 for Free Calls


Where got free? Con gimmick lah!


First off, a great post..
I can’t help but wonder does Malaysia really need another operator? The market is too saturated. Not mentioning the variations of MVNO’s out there too.Its surprising that UM has the funding’s even when their 2 investors opted out. By just merely providing VAS (Value Added Services) isn’t enough when other operators have already crossed this level and are offering more much much more.