P1 W1MAX flashes its USB wiggy ahead of PC Fair

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P1 has released a teaser that seems to be a USB WiMAX dongle that is expected to be released around this time of the year.

The dongle is called the Wiggy which is a unique identifier for its USB product and this will give more expected mobility for P1 W1MAX. So far, P1 is only available on its bulky DS-300 Modem.

The teaser site has a countdown counter and the timing of the launch is coincidently on the same time as PC Fair. This is something really to look forward to this coming weekend.


It is highly believed that this is the Wiggy that P1 is refering to since P1’s DS300 is also developed by Green Packet. Upon checking Green Packet’s website, it is also known as the US-230 and 230 number represents 2.3GHz for WiMAX frequency. It supports download of up to 20Mbps (up to 30Mbps Wave 2 MIMO B) and upload of up to 7Mbps.

  • IEEE 802.16e Standard Compliant (Mobile WiMAX)
  • WiMAX Wave 2 Compliant
  • 5, 8.75, 10MHz Channel Bandwidth
  • MIMO Matrix A and B
  • Up to 23dBm Transmission Power
  • 3.5dBi Antenna Gain
  • Up to 20Mbps Throughput*
  • 5 Classes of QoS Support
  • Auto Provisioning
  • OMA-DM Device Management
  • Intelligent Connection Manager with Seamless Mobility
  • Internet Acceleration

More details of the USB Modem here.

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5 Comments for P1 W1MAX flashes its USB wiggy ahead of PC Fair


WOW! 20Mbps! How is this compared to the older bulky modem? How much is the subscription?

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For those Thinking of getting the WIGGY from P1

Tink 1000x before. I am a user and the service is BULLSHIT! they advertised a speed of 10MBPS but said average speed is 1MBPS to 3MBPS! they even can’t reach the speed of 1MBPS. mine is about 0.5-0.7MBPS.

Cusstomer service sulks. Complain for one month already but still nothing done to slove problem.
They will you a lot of crap excuses!

So if you read this and still subscribe to the shit service, don’t cry for it serves you right. Don’t make the same mistake as me.

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