P1 changes DS300 Web Admin Password via firmware update

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Few weeks ago, we reported that P1 W1MAX’s DS300 Web Admin password has been leaked on the Internet. This of course had been good news to the techie community as network tweaks was made possible.

As word spreads out, P1 must have rushed to put an end to such access and they have force a modem firmware update that changes the login details. We are told that P1 W1MAX DS300 modems are constantly updated over the air without the need of manual firmware flashing by the user.

As of today, it seems that most users can’t login into the DS300 modem admin anymore and this is also evident in the comments of our previous post.





We fail to see why P1 would block users from accessing the admin as such options are readily available on most ISPs. Port forwarding, DMZ and DynamicDNS are common functions that are required by gamers and those who need specialised connection tweaks. Seems like P1 users are back to their original situation again. 🙁

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