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If you have been visiting U Mobile website, you would notice that there’s an extra tab called Online Prepaid Registration which is highlighted as coming soon. Just recently, they have officially launched its Online Prepaid registration service that allows new subscribers to order their 018 Prepaid starter packs online!

The starter packs are available at RM6 per piece and comes pre-loaded with RM5 of credit. Previously 018 prepaid was given out as FREE starter pack as indicated by their 0 – Zero Starter Pack, 1 – 1 second billing and 8 – 8 sen/SMS concept. With this, the pack would cost you RM1 which is inclusive of postage.


Ordering the pack online is pretty straight forward and the best part is that you can choose your mobile number from a set of random numbers.  If you don’t find what you like, you can regenerate another set of random numbers to choose from. We welcome this good feature of giving users choice, which is something lacking from Happy‘s online registration process.

Payment wise, it is pretty convenient as they accept various channels such as Credit Card, FPX, Maybank2U, Mobile Money, MEPS Cash and etc.

However there isn’t much details on delivery and we are unable to tell when the packs will be delivered. However, it is noted that the Registered User must provide all correct information, failing which the packs would not be able to deliver and shall be forfeited. It would be great if U Mobile could emulate Happy’s ordering system where users can book the date of delivery.

As an early promotion, a random selection of 1000 users a month will be given free movie passes for those who registered online. We would suggest U Mobile to reward by first come first serve instead of having random selections. It would make more sense to reward those who are early.

With Happy revised their rates in a less happy manner, U Mobile would have a chance to dominating online sales of prepaid packs. Not only it is cheaper by pricing it at a mere RM6 per pack (vs. RM30 for Happy), U Mobile’s prepaid rates are also more competitive right now due to its per second billing.

Currently U Mobile is the only per second billing telco after the revision of Happy’s rate.

For those who are interested to give U Mobile prepaid a try, head on to their website now.

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