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DiGi 3G Broadband: 7.2Mbps Mobile Internet revealed

DiGi 3G Broadband Internet

We have seen the signs and hints. Finally DiGi has pulled something out from its bag.

Previously we mentioned that DiGi would be launching its 3G services next month but looks like they have decided to test the water in advance. A couple of blog post and forumers today had been talking about the revealed site titled DiGi Internet – Rediscover what broadband should be.

From what we could see, DiGi is doing a pre-launch trial run of its 3G services as it is only valid from 20 February 2009 to 28 February 2009. Looking at their coverage map, it targets areas surrounding Mutiara Damansara, Pelangi Damansara, Sunway Damansara, TTDI, Bandar Utama, Damansara Intan, SS22 and obscure areas up north of Klang.


Speed & Limit

DiGi claims to provide 7.2Mbps connectivity speed for this promo and this is currently the fastest mobile broadband service utilising HSDPA in the market. It also offers 10GB of monthly bandwidth which is more generous compared to existing players that limits to 3GB or 5GB right now.

Pre-launch Packages

The 2 key packages on offer are:

Laptop + USB Modem Offer

  • HP Compaq CQ40 Laptop for RM999 (RRP RM2,399)
  • Free Huawei E230 HSPA USB Modem
  • Laptops limited to 100 Units
  • DiGi 3G Broadband Package RM128/month

USB Modem Offer

  • Free Huawei E230 HSPA USB Modem
  • DiGi 3G Broadband Package RM128/month

Actual subscription Fee & Contract Period

Some of you maybe thinking that RM128/month is pretty steep, you will be surprised to discover that RM128/month is only applicable for the first 6 months of subscription. After the 6 months, the original subscription fee of RM158/month applies. A little digging of the FAQ also reveals that DiGi’s Broadband contract period is 12 months.

Subscribers are also required to pay 2 months subscription (RM256) upfront when signing up.

Trial or not to trial?: That’s the question

As a new service provider, we are confused whether or not DiGi provides a trial period for users. In the terms and conditions, it mentions:

15. :      Notwithstanding the above, if the Broadband Service is not available at the billing address provided by the subscriber during registration, the subscriber can discontinue the Broadband Service and return the modem at the DiGi Centre in SS2 within 7 days from the date of registration. DiGi will fully refund the advance payment (2 months of the monthly fee) provided that the modem and its packaging are in good condition. The refund of the advance payment will be sent to the billing address via cheque within 12 weeks from the service discontinuation date. No other charges will be imposed to the subscriber.

However  in the FAQ it was stated:

Q6:      Is there any trial period if I subscribe for this promo package?

A6:     No

As a new player, it would make more sense if DiGi does allow its subscribers to opt out within 7 days if the coverage or performance are not satisfactory.


It is also noted that if a user would like to terminate, the user would either pay the remaining of the contact period or RM600 for the modem, whichever is lower. Assuming if a subscriber terminates before the 9th month, the user will have to pay for the full price of the modem of RM600. After the 9th month, only (RM158 X months remaining)

is charged. We understand that the modem is for the user to keep as well.


For those who subscribe with the Laptop package, DiGi has mentioned that all technical support will be handled by HP.

As for the Huawei E230 Modem, any issues within the first 3 days are supported by DiGi and they specifically mentioned SS2 outlet. After the 3 days, all queries and issues are to be dealt with Huawei Malaysia. It is stated that the Modem comes with a 18 months warranty against factory defect.

In the FAQ, it has been consistently mentioned that DiGi SS2 is the designated outlet for this DiGi Internet Broadband. We would assume that this is the only DiGi outlet currently catered to handle this new broadband related service & support.

Promo Roadshow

From the heading of the site, it looks like DiGi is also running a roadshow at Ikana Power Centre this weekend on 21-22 February 2009. Those interested or live nearby might want to check it out.


Although DiGi is considered the first to officially claim 7.2Mbps on HSDPA, we are disappointed on the pricing which is not entirely truthful on its actual rate and it is lacking value when it is compared to other players with extensive coverage. Sure it can shout on 7.2Mbps speed and 10GB of monthly usage but the extra RM29-59 a month compared to existing plans in the market is just too much.

In addition, the majority of consumers are often haunted with the stigma that mobile broadband especially HSDPA fails to meet expectation as 3.6Mbps claims are no where near reality. This would certainly create a cloud of doubt on DiGi’s capability of reaching 7.2Mbps. Perhaps a 7-day trial run would be recommended to give users a try if DiGi is able to prove that HSDPA does deliver.

It would be interesting to see the response for this 1 week promo period.

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