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Google Maps with Latitude

Google Latitude

If you are a fan of Google Maps for Mobile, now there’s something extra that you won’t want to miss. Now Google has launched Google Latitude which allows you to share locations with your contacts. This has open up new possibilities, good or bad depending on how you look at it.

With the new latitude, it is now possible to find a lunch/dinner companion or simply have fun stalking your friends around. This is very much like the typical Friend Finder service you get from our Telcos.

Obviously privacy is an issue here and it is good to know that Google Latitude allows privacy settings that limit city level locations or block specific friends from viewing. Of course, you would need to authorise who would be able to locate you.

For those who haven’t experience Google Maps, you can head on to on your mobile device and download the application. Currently Google Maps allow you to search for most Malaysian roads/streets and even route directions. Even if your mobile device doesn’t come with GPS, Google maps is still able to pin point your approxtimate location via mobile cell tower ID.

Do be warned that this application is data intensive and we suggest that you have an unlimited data plan if you plan to use it a lot. Google Maps with latitude however (Google Maps version 3.0) is only available for Pocket PCs, Nokia Symbian S60 and Blackberry. We understand that Java version for Sony Ericssons as well as iPhone versions is still under development. Another note is that Google Latitude is also accessible from iGoogle as well.

Check out the video below: