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Ad-nalysis: P1 – Resistance is Futile

P1's latest ad looks good

This caught our eye in the Star over the weekend.


And we have to say, it’s quite a cheeky ad. Nice clear layout, attention grabbing headline, tells you just enough to entice you but not a lot to make the layout messy. We like!

Although the comparison with dial-up is a bit old hack. We’re not even sure if the younger broadband users out there have even experienced dial-up before. Besides comparing broadband with dial-up is like comparing a Ferrari with a Proton.

P1 marketing people, if you’re paying attention, read this:

  1. We like the ad, like the layout and the copy. Looks good.
  2. We don’t like the comparison with dial-up as we think it’s irrelevant.
  3. Looking forward to seeing P1 set the bar in terms of cheeky ads for broadband, just like how DiGi is setting the bar for telco.

On a side note, notice the Intel logos at the left bottom corner of the ad? We think P1 will be coming up with a laptop bundling plan in the next few months. This is coinciding with Intel releasing its new chips and boards with built-in WiMAX.

Once we have the word, we’ll keep you posted!

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