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P1 W1MAX Launch & Full Official Pricing

We didn’t get an invitation but we managed to get in! 🙂 P1 W1MAX has officially launched in Malaysia just hours ago at Mandarin Oriental. The launch was spectacular with impressive presentations, testimonial as well as light dance shows. They even got Hannah Tan to be the MC for the event.

Its CEO Michael Lai has spoken many aspiring stuff about broadband and how Packet 1 is eager to broadband whole Malaysia.

If you read our previous post, we revealed that there are 2 speed packages for business & personal. Apparently the said page was removed from the website after our posting. This time, the page is up again and we discovered that they are actually offering 4 speed packages of 400Kbps, 700Kbps, 1.2Mbps and 2.4Mbps. Read on to check out the updated packages.

P1 Personal Plans Updated

The new addition to the list are 400Kbps and 700Kbps plans with subscription rates of  RM49/month and RM69/month respectively for 2 years subscription or RM59/month and RM79/month for 1 year subscription. However these 2 lower range plans doesn’t come with a free modem so subscribers would need to fork out RM999 to buy the modem. The lack of free modem bundling on the lower plans defeat the purpose of cost savings for those who can’t afford higher subscription.

Another new discovery is that they are also offering NO CONTRACT PLANS but at a slightly higher monthly subscription package.

P1Business Plans Updated

Similar to personal plans, P1 also offers businesses the lower 400Kbps and 700Kbps plans but they are priced RM10-20 more than personal plan offering.

As said before, the new plans are competitive and can be considered as a alternative to existing ADSL and wireless services. While having 4 plans with speed ranging between 400Kbps to 2.4Mbps, the 1.2Mbps plan seems to be the best recommendation for P1 W1MAX at the moment with its modem and nationwide access waiver. We couldn’t recommend the 400Kbps and 700Kbps for low end users as the mandatory RM999 modem is too expensive for such users. It would be more logical if they could offer a rental basis modem bundling similiar to Streamyx.

It is also noted that getting P1 W1MAX also incurs other entry fees such as Registration Fee, Activation Fee, Stamping Fee and optional installation fee. In total, a first time user for 1.2Mbps account would need to fork out RM249 as initial payment including the subscription fee of RM89/month for a 2 year contract. As WiMAX is still new, this initial one time charges could deter users from signing up. Waiving the registration/activation fees would help to attract more and faster uptake of WiMAX.

For more details, head to P1 W1MAX website or go directly to their new package page.

P1 W1MAX Launch Event Photos by Danny Foo