P1 WiMAX Launch and Packages

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Update 19082008Check out the official and updated packages in our latest posting.

Tomorrow Packet 1 will make history with Malaysia’s first ever WiMAX launch which has been widely anticipated. It is said that Energy, Water and Telecommunications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor would officiate the P1 W1MAX event tomorrow afternoon.

So how much is the subscription? Are subscribers tied to a contract? Read on as we managed to get an early peek on its offerings.

As mentioned before, P1 will be offering 4 packages, which 2 are for Personal users and another 2 are for Business Users. The 2 packages are identical for launch as P1 is giving promotional rates. For launch, they offer 1.2Mbps and 2.4Mbps plans.

From first look, the rates are competitive with 1.2Mbps as low as RM89/month for 2 year subscription or RM99/month for 1 year subscription.

For those who crave higher speeds, 2.4Mbps is offered at a much higher price at RM199/month for 2 year subscription or RM229/month for 1 year subscription. We believe these pricing would give Streamyx some competition it deserves.

P1 W1MAX Personal Plans

P1 Business Plans

Additional Charges:

  • Registration Fee: RM100 (upfront)
  • Activation Fee: RM50 (first bill)
  • Stamp Duty: RM10 (first bill)
  • Installation Fee: RM80 (optional)
  • Nationwide Access: RM10 (optional)
  • Modem Price: RM999

Key Benefits

  • No fixed phone line needed (Save up to RM49)
  • Service Activation within 12 hours
  • Plug & Play
  • 15-Day Service Guarantee

For those who subscribe between 20th – 30th August 2008, the LAN based WiMAX modem worth RM999 is bundled for FREE.

This marks and interesting start for WiMAX in Malaysia with its competitive pricing and attractive entry package. Backed by a 15-day service guarantee and a 12-hour activation commitment, Packet 1 is serious in providing broadband to the masses where Streamyx fails to fulfill. Coverage details on their website is not available at time of writing and hopefully they would reveal more on the website in the next few days to come.

Will WiMAX sink or sail? We will find out soon.

For more details, visit their P1 W1MAX packages page on their newly redesigned website.

Update: Catch the WiMAX Launch Live Telecast on your desktop thru streaming video on Yoonic.TV. Download your player and register yourself for a free account. Yoonic.TV is showing the event live on its “Community & Special Interest” category at Channel 1506.

The event will be held at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur at 2.30PM.

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6 Comments for P1 WiMAX Launch and Packages


Haha. I guess they took down the WiMAX packages page to perform some edit or changes in it 🙂

Referring to: http://www.p1.com.my/Wimax/aspx/packages_ref.aspx

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Disappointing. How can anyone say RM89 for 1.2Mbps is competitive? Wireless broadband goes at the same rate (if not cheaper) for better speeds. Throw in Streamyx Combo into the ring and you can see how farcical P1’s pricing scheme is.

Telekom is still having the last laugh. I had high hopes for Michael Lai. Sad to see it dashed.


I think the price is just competitive if you compare with other wireless internet service. Of course you cannot compare with those 3G Data which is still far away from Streamyx performance level.

Based on the speedtest results it looks like its offering the real 1.2Mbps connection versus the big monopoly where 1.0Mbps would hardly get close to 1.0Mbps test result.

The only problem is that the cost of modem is too high for people after the promo period. Now my area in Cheras is not covered. Hopefully when they have service in my area, the new laptops with WiMAX would be widely available.