iPhone 7 Review – Nothing groundbreaking

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The iPhone 7 marks the 10th generation of the iPhone. It is nearly 10 years since the first iPhone was introduced in 2007 and they have always been regarded as the benchmark for the smartphone industry.

When it comes to launches, Malaysia is often late to the party, but the new iPhone 7 is probably the earliest we’ve seen so far. Instead of waiting for months, it’s finally coming to our shores on 14th October.

Jumping from the 6s to the 7, the new iPhone was supposed to be an all-new device. Instead, we get a phone that’s identical to last year with some incremental updates on the inside. In a way, it feels like a third variant of the current iPhone 6 series.

The exterior dimensions for the iPhone 7/7 Plus are exactly the same as the model it replaces. The only visible changes are the reduced antenna band lines and the increased camera bump. It’s hard to tell them apart if you put both models side by side facing up. To really stand out from the iPhone 6/6s crowd, there are two new colours – Black and Jet Black. Assuming Apple is releasing an iPhone 7s, that’s four years with the same design.

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55 Comments for iPhone 7 Review – Nothing groundbreaking


Do any of the telcos have trade-in offers to upgrade to this phone?


yes, it takes an note 7 to blow you away and shake up the ground


Wireless headphone not as good as the corded one because you got the cheap wireless headphone.


It is wallet breaking.
wait for iPhone 8 next year.


One thing I appreciate the 2 year product cycle (X / Xs) is that the accessory like the cases could use a bit longer.
I had the 6 and now a 6s, same cases. I am sure the manufacturers and stockist appreciate that too.
So my question is, since the 7 changes are minimum, would a case of the 6 fit? (baring the position of the speakers since now is stereo).

Also, some suggestions. To review an iphone properly, it is not just in the hardware. Apple has never openly advertise their number of Core or RAM to begin with. It is the whole package. So rightfully, the review of a brand new iOS 10 should be included to complete this article.


Note 5 no SD card: Worst Note ever!
iPhone 7 no headphone jack: Courage!


Iphone not use to be the industry leader now………almost all phone manufacturers are on par when comes to phone hardware……………they only slightly behind Apple in term of software or OS eco system.

Why should i paid more for the same thing that i needed?.


I will get this one if they have the headphone jack, much hassle and battery drain if you want to rely on bluetooth all the time. Well, I guess we just have live without it. Now that Apple is doing it, everybody is gonna turn lemming jumping off the cliff…


Will it explode?


Need to mentioned that those ppl that needs the 3.5mm headphone jack, there's a hack for that


Bugs, lag, an ugly interface, a lack of apps : Android’s weaknesses have been systematically dealt with by a determined development team. The Android platform is unrecognizable compared with the first release and it continues to improve and evolve at a faster pace than the competition. That big user base and the wide range of manufacturers producing Android devices can only drive further improvements to greater heights. While iOS stagnates, paralyzed by the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” school of thinking, Android continues to innovate and improve at a faster rate. Think about it. Android adopted NFC first, as well as fingerprint readers, and retina scanners, and mobile payments, and higher definition displays. The list goes on.


LG V20 – my next phone.


no, ppl like u that line up in front of the store should get a life.


Android phones and ios have their advantages and disadvantages, but the Android advantages way overpower the advantages that you get with an ios, customization, better hardware, generous RAM, high capacity battery, fast charging and expandable memory just to name a few, go with an Android phone. If you enjoy go with an iPhone. Just know that you aren't getting the biggest bang for your buck. Huawei, HTC, Asus, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, LG, HP and other major companies have started to outdo Apple, especially in the hardware department, and Apple has some catching up to do if they hope to keep competing with other flagship phones. The best part is, all of these companies coming out with great phones constantly heats up the competition, and competition is great for us consumers. Competition is what brings us these cutting-edge technologies, phones, operating systems, and prices at such a fast pace.
With the market share of Apple phones at <20% in 2016, while continuing to go downhill consistently, it's starting to tell you something. Android is the way to go.


iFags : Protek protek


if you are not happy don't buy; like a learned person said earlier – "Huawei, HTC, Asus, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, LG, HP and other major companies have started to outdo Apple, especially in the hardware department, and Apple has some catching up to do"

those who can get iPhone; those who can't, well keep moaning


Not all think alike, I'm an android user because overall it suits me better.
Played with my wife's new iPhone and I like it too but won't purchase one because there are some specific
stuff I want that iPhones can't do without jailbreaking.
Although "nothing ground-breaking" it's a nice upgrade overall, and even though I tend to like Samsung, I
detest the way features come and go without a clear direction.

Both my wife and I dislike the loss of the 3.5mm jack though, to her, it's a matter of time before the included jack's cable break, just like her previous charge cable.


I’m holding an iPhone 6s Plus and S7. I don’t really agree with the fingerprint sensors part as I always have problem unlocking my iP6s, at the end I was forced to use PIN to unlock. However with S7 i found its unlocking process is faster, or maybe seamless compare to iP6s.


Please guys, I am a Apple fan before but after they showing “courage” I will permanently get a Android phone. 15 minutes of charge can fill up to 7 hours battery life, Highest rated smartphone camera… Ever, Exclusive by Google stuff, Smart Fingerprint scanner gesture, Splash and dust resistant, No camera bump, Great design, Daydream View VR ready, Unlimited video and photos at full resolution storage for life(iCloud is super annoying at it’s price), High quality DAC Audio Jack. And of course a smartest AI assistant, Google Assistant. I buy a iPhone and didn’t even get free unlimited storage for photos. I choose Google Pixel.


For android , going first party is the way to go. Get Google Pixel.

At least, similar to Apple now, Google said recently, only with making both the hardware and software themselves , provide the best user experience.

Microsoft Lumia / Surface, Google Pixel and Apple iPhones.

Best experience . Period


the only feature that I really want from an iPhone, is a dual sim.


"Assuming Apple is releasing an iPhone 7s, that’s four years with the same design."

Next year will be iphone 8.. did you miss the mailing?


It’s absolutely wrong to ask Consumer stick to those over expensive yet functions not competent enough to match other example dual sim and expandable memory. It’s your responsibility to enhance your products to suits market need, Consumers have the right to choose


It's a love and hate thing.

In company, we have deployed a whole range of Samsung Activ tablets, notebooks, Apple iPads etc.

It's a real headache to deal with Samsung devices as their physical design changes in every iteration that makes looking for cases, protectors and other accessories a daunting task after only 1 year. Some staffs had resorted to using scotch tape to tape the whole device for protection.

Even power adapters are so hard to find. Their support website only targets consumer and popular devices.

No way we are going back to them as they tend to sell and forget – concentrate on next killer device with specs.

Sticking to HP and Apple, a real relief for the IT support team.


Off topic – since some do praise, any chance the Google Pixel will be launched here?