Motorola’s Ingenious Moto X Print Ad is a World’s First.

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Here’s the challenge, how do you demonstrate the unique attributes of an immensely customisable smartphone in a dynamic and interactive way something as static and un-interactive as a print ad?

You think out of the box to find the answer.

And that’s what Motorola did with its Moto X print ad for the Wired magazine. The ad is unconventional, combining simple electronics — including a paper-thin circuit board, LED lights, a flexible touch pad and a battery — with a medium that is as plain as paper (literally) and delivering an impact that’s both attention grabbing and memorable. Motorola claims that it’s the world’s first interactive print ad.

The Moto X print ad will feature in select editions of Wired’s January 2014 publication.

Head on over to after the jump to see the print ad in action.


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4 Comments for Motorola’s Ingenious Moto X Print Ad is a World’s First.


Is moto g will be coming to malaysia??


Wow, thanks for the information..


    You're welcome.