Apparently, this is the Samsung Galaxy S III

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The device that you’re looking at is apparently the much anticipated Galaxy S III. Whether it is or not, we can’t be certain at this point but it does look very much like the illustration in the leaked service manual posted earlier.

Whether this is the next Galaxy or not, one thing is for certain, it’s not really much of a looker and it’s certainly a design that we’ve seen before – the Galaxy Nexus.

If this is indeed the upcoming Galaxy smartphone, Samsung’s definitely not going to break new grounds with in terms of design. In terms of hardware, there’s nothing groundbreaking either. With a quad-core processor confirmed for the new Galaxy, Samsung is not the first to arrive at the party and almost all of the flagship Androids released this year is expected to pack a four-core processor and then some.

So what will the next Galaxy bring in terms of innovations? The answer is obvious. The next big thing in mobile devices will be software the features it brings. We’re certainly expecting a lot from Samsung with its new flagship smartphone and a faster processor, a better camera in a thinner body ain’t going to cut it anymore.

It’s going to be interesting to see what innovations Samsung will bring with TouchWhiz. Come May 3, let’s see what Samsung’s got.


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9 Comments for Apparently, this is the Samsung Galaxy S III


Definitely looks like an elongated Galaxy Nexus to accommodate the capacitive buttons while retaining the 4.7 (4.8, whatevs) 720p screen.

But why are phones getting bigger though? 4.0 (Galaxy S) -> 4.3" (Galaxy S II) -> 4.8" (possibly, Galaxy S III). Can't smaller phones be made as powerful as the big guys? Not everyone wants to big screen. Definitely alienating the segment that wants a 3.7" or 4.0". Not sure how much does the battery comes into consideration when balancing processing power and screen size.


looks fugly. shape looks like the nexus and still using that ugly rectangle home button.
guess i'll stick to my one x instead.


    agree looks like a criss-cross of iphone bezel, galaxy nexus and one x curves and the same old samsung buttons. but a good approached from samsung though as they try to come out with a newer the design.


if this is true galaxy s3, samsung have release boring design and with spec not truly groundbreaking, better i keep my sg2


What?! This looks like a FUGLY cross between Samsung Galaxy W, BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Google Galaxy Nexus! The buttons down there better be capacitive ones. This phone doesn't even scream flagship. If this really is Samsung's Next Galaxy. I'll be Speechless. SII for the win lah.


i see today soyacincau no update, u pegi bersih 3.0 ye??? tau daaa…hehe

    @if_one very suprised.. 2days left..come on s3


OneX wayyyyy better.