Samsung on the Offensive Once Again with Galaxy Note Street Challenge Video

Posted:  February 24, 2012   By:    11 comments   

We like a good commercial just as much as the next guy and Samsung did a good job with its “Samsunged” series of ads. Funny, witty, and memorable, the ads make for interesting conversation pieces. This time though, Samsung might have gone too far.

In a new series of videos called “Street Challenge” that showcases the Galaxy Note, Samsung once again goes after iPhone users and asks them if their phone can do things the Galaxy Note can.

The video tries to look authentic but fails miserably. The people look like actors to us and the whole stunt look scripted. On top of that, the challenges don’t really reflect the typical use-case scenario any of us would go through on a regular basis.

So maybe Samsung should give this iPhone bashing thing a rest and just move on already.

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11 Comments for Samsung on the Offensive Once Again with Galaxy Note Street Challenge Video


Ha! You're right, they're actors. It's pretty obvious I think. Thing is, it's still smart marketing. I guess these types of ads aren't geared towards people who's easily identify them as ads? Or maybe they just wanted to make their infomercial more edgy and interesting? You know, like those stupid toothpaste ads with the "doctor / scientist" who ambushes people at supermarkets and takes pictures of their teeth, or trolls them until they try Colgate Sensitivity or whatnot? And for some reason he's always in a labcoat?

I think this is pretty much designed the same way. The Galaxy Note is pretty cool, but truth is we'll rarely use all those applications they just showed us. It's just a matter of who has the phone that CAN do that, instead of really wondering if they'll ever come into use. Either way, the guys at Apple must be blowing a frickin vein right now.

Joshua Wong

If it's an authentic video, that bitch really an idiot!


Great! samsung have give me more reasons not to buy Galaxy Note..…


Huh, the drawing on maps then screenshot is a pretty awesome feature. I know I'll be doing that for a couple of friends often.


this is bad.. really bad….

black list samsung now….

they are downgrading other to make them self look better…..tsk tsk tsk tsk…

iphone will just reply.. there is an app for that….

love this guys comment…

ok this ad is telling us…
Samsung can take Screenshots and the iPhone can't?
Samsung can draw on Maps and the iPhone can't?
Samsung can creat Office documents and the iPhone can't?
Samsung can edit pictures and the iPhone can't?
Samsung can send text pictures and the iPhone can't?
Android users answer my questions.
Samsung you are now in the Black List.
Motorola, Nokia, Sony & HTC keep the good work!


I m wondering why people keep on like Samsung phones just because they giving good hardware specs and people are like seeing gold in front of their eyes. In fact the note still laggy somehow when I using and it's not just me but my friends using note also having the same problem. Can't get why Samsung having an idiotic software engineer, the camera shutter speed is damn slow and accelometer will sometime somehow didn't respond well as my iPad did. Android seems like a china made thing from apple iOS. The multi touch zoom isn't that smooth and responsive as the iPad frankly speaking. I'm paying as much money as the idevices offer so really demanding it to be on par or better than the rest devices having lower price than my note. Android is somehow not that stable when u use it for longer time.


if i'm not mistaken.. apple has been doing the same style of ads during 'mac vs pc' campaign..


its just the same old thing. Mac vs PC / Android vs iOS / Samsung vs. Apple blah blah blah blah blah. Those who said that company is bad and the other is good vice versa, you are a fanboy. Meh. -_____________-